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Become a Traveler

Cosy Finland helps you to be a traveler not just a tourist.  Using our connections You have a lot of local experiences to describe to your friends and colleagues when returning from your trip to Finland.

Meet theFinns in Finland

since 2005 

Our services and timetable suggestions (can be adjusted)
for ex. at 18 - 21 means starting at 18 (6 pm) and ending at 21 ( 9 pm)


Available every day on request. Prices from 79 euros, please ask for a quotation by filling the inquiry form. 



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Cosy Finnish Christmas Dinner

at 18-21 (from 6 to 9 pm)

November to early January

 You will be invited to a Christmas Dinner at a Finnish home.  During the three hours visit you will have a chance to taste typical Christmas delicacies and have a chat about the celebration traditions in Finland. Cosy Christmas Dinner includes ham and oven-baked casseroles, herring and a dessert/coffee or tea.



Allotment Garden Visits


Lunch Visit at 13-15 o’clock
Coffee / Tea Time Visit at 15-18 o’clock
Evening Visit at 18-21 o’clock

Visit in a Finnish allotment garden close to the city. Guidance in the large allotment garden area. A light lunch/dinner with seasonal vegetables or Coffee/Tea with sandwich/buns.  

Cosy Gingerbread Evening

at 18-21 (from 6 to 9 pm)

November to early January


Bake with the Finns at their home! Your host will show you how to make dough for traditional Finnish Christmas cookies. During the three hours visit you will bake gingerbread with the host and have a chance to taste “glögi”  warm Finnish Christmas drink with something little to go with it.



Cosy Finnish Mölkky Evening

at 18-21 (from 6 to 9 pm)

Mölkky is a Finnish throwing game, easy and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. During the Mölkky Evening you will learn to play this game with your hosts who are private persons, locals. They also invite you to their home to have a light meal and beverages in between the game.

Mölkky is an outside game and can be replaced by indoors activity if weather is not good enough. No special clothing is needed; choose the ones you feel comfortable.