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Meet theFinns in Finland

Cosy Finland's hosts in Vantaa, Kerava and Järvenpää


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01480 Vantaa (Tapaninkylä): You are welcome to spend some time with our active family! We are a family with three kids, daughters born 2002 and 2007 and a son born 2008. We have a dog.  We love traveling and sports. We'd love to welcome you to our home; either for a meal, sauna or a longer stay. During your stay we'll expose you to normal Finnish life; depending on your stay preferences it might include having a sauna; enjoying a local meal; taking kids to soccer, ice-hockey and gymnastics training; shopping; cooking; etc. There is a bus service connecting us to the closest local train station. Or if you prefer we can meet at the local train station.  

01640 Vantaa: A Finnish-German family, children born 2002, 2007,2009. They live in a quiet surrounding with forest and fields in a two-floor-house + big terrace, garden and sauna. A separate room and bathroom for overnight guests. An active family. The children’s number one hobby is football.  Two cats.  A lake with a small beach is 1,5 km away. About 30 minutes by bus to Helsinki downtown. Finnish, German, English (hostess speaks also Russian). 

 01650 Vantaa (Vapaala): A middle-aged couple + daughter 2003, sons 2004 and 2007

04200 Kerava:  We wish you welcome to our home! You reach us the best by taking a train from Helsinki (25 minutes). We can pick you up from station by car or  we can walk together 1 km. We are a middle-aged and 50+ couple, living in a nice house of 4 families. Husband is working in IT branch and wife in energy branch. It is possible also to meet our young adults (born 1994-1997). Outside of work, we enjoy outdoor, nature, sports, travelling, different cultures, listening music, watching movies, meeting friends etc. We would like to show our daily life at home, offer a normal Finnish food in our kitchen and hear your story as well. Depending the summer weather, we can enjoy the dinner on a nice terrace. Do you like smoked salmon? Or a winter evening front of fire place? If you want to get a sauna experience, it's also possible. We are non-smoking and do not have any pets.  We both speak English, wife also Swedish and basics in French and Germany. One daughter speaks also Spanish, if she is at home. Welcome to Kerava!


04220 Kerava: We are a sporty middle-aged couple. The host  is interested in boxing and biking and hostess is into the gym, sport & fitness. We both enjoy travelling, cooking and fishing and spend lots of time in our summer cottage. Grown-up children living on their own but sometimes our daughter´s little dog stays with us. We have a nice large wooden house with a sauna and a terrace. Commuter train connection from Helsinki to Kerava takes about 30 minutes. If required, we can collect you from the Kerava railway station. Welcome to our home! 


04420 Järvenpää (Kyrölä): A retired 60+ couple living in one-family-house in Järvenpää, only 30 minutes by train from Helsinki. R-trains run every 30 minutes, the train stop is Ainola. They can pick you up from the train stop. Järvenpää's cultural attractions such as Jean Sibelius's Ainola nearby.  Their specialty is smoked salmon in the garden cottage. It's also possible to have a dinner outside in a terrace in summer. Sauna on request.  Occupations in building branch and Assistant in IT-branch. Hobbies and interests: gardening, travelling and interested in people and cultures in other countries.

04260 Kerava (Savio): A middle-aged lady, working as a team leader nurse in home care. Adult son, four grandchildren. Her hobby is dancing: traditional Finnish dances, social dancing. She enjoys traveling, different cultures and, of cource, salsa. She welcomes you to visit her life for a moment.

 07170 Pornainen (about 40 kilometers from Helsinki): Suitable for groups and visitors travelling by car.  A middle-aged lady who loves to take care of her herb garden, sit in the candlelight with her cats or read novels.  She invites you to share her world and knowledge about Finnish food and herb tradition, and to learn more. She works as a freelance author and teacher. Special interests: Vikings and Medieval Finnish food, use of nature plants as food, medicine and cosmetics, use of medieval herbs and herb gardening and historical textiles.