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Become a Traveler

Cosy Finland helps you to be a traveler not just a tourist.  Using our connections You have a lot of local experiences to describe to your friends and colleagues when returning from your trip to Finland.

Meet theFinns in Finland

Cosy Finland's hosts in other towns in Finland



Finnish hospitality can be experienced all over Finland. Here is one example of feedback.

"Our visit to a family in Turku was great! We were introduced to the Finnish culture and much more. All our family has found friendly hosts - parents and children, and an experience we could not find in any other way. Thanks!" 


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 07110 Hinthaara (Porvoo): 10 km from Porvoo and 40 km from Helsinki airport, there is a cosy riverside village and our home, which is wooden house with a private yard, sauna and summer kitchen in it. In the summertime weekends there's an old-time train coming to our village from Porvoo and Helsinki. We are a middle-aged couple, speaking English, wife speaks also Swedish and German and some French. We like travelling and meeting people! Husband is a handy carpenter, who builds & repairs  everything and loves to be in a sauna. Wife works within marketing and loves countryside as well as exploring new places. We both love  cooking, so welcome to enjoy good food with us!

 08500 Lohja (Small Town Experience): Muijala, five kilometers from the small town Lohja, 40 minutes bus ride from Helsinki. Beautiful lake town. A retired couple 60+ is willing to introduce small town lifestyle. Living in nature near blockhouse. In summertime for example: blueberry picking in forest possible during the season or visit to the mining museum or even grill party by a pond. Silence in forest and homestay possible all year round.

10620 Tammisaari: A middle-aged mother, two children (girl 2000, boy 2002) and a cat living in a one-family-house by Pojo bay. A nice place in the countryside, best way to reach the area is by a car. The family members are interested in sports. Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and German. 

 13100 Hämeenlinna: A retired couple. We love hiking and wildlife; having retired we walked the Camino de Santiago, a 800 km pilgrimage from the Pyrenees in France to Santiago de Compostela near the Atlantic in northern Spain. Sauna and ice-hole swimming enthusiasts in winter, would you like to try? We live in Helsinki and in a summer house in Hämeenlinna (100 km north of Helsinki). Sauna with private beach, boats available. Homestay for 1-3 persons in both of them.  Wir sprechen auch Deutsch. Vi pratar svenska. Hablamos español. Parliamo un poco  d’italiano. On parle un peu de français.

13220 Hämeenlinna A middle-aged couple who speaks fluent English,  French, Spanish, German and Swedish. She also speaks fluent Polish. They have two teenage daughters and they live in Hämeenlinna and in Helsinki downtown, 10 minutes walk from the railway station.  They have worked and studied in several European countries and like travelling, learning languages and meeting with people. Their other hobbies are reading and various sport and outing activities.

20700 Turku Centre and summer house 20960 Turku archipelago:

A family living in a historical one-family-house at city center of Turku. Summer time we spend most of the free time at our summer house on sea side only 10 km or 15 minutes bus drive from the center. We like very much on cooking, family life, swimming and nature. Family: boys born 2003, 2009 and 2012, parents working as a midwife  and as a senior lecturer at Turku University of Applied Sciences. Foreign languages: English, Swedish, Russian.

33960 Pirkkala: A middle-aged couple (tree teenaged children) living in one family house eight kilometres from Tampere downtown  . They live by a lake – very Finnish!

 33960 Pirkkala: A middle aged couple speaking English and living in a wooden one-family-house just 15 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from Tampere city center by taxi. He works in IT branch and she in family counseling. He plays golf and other sport activities. She loves taking care of the garden and their daughter's horse. During the summer eating on the glass terrace. Sauna, fireplace. 

Possibilities: Smoked salmon, Karelian pies, home grown fruits (autumn).  Forest and a lake just few minutes walk. Possible to see Finnish countryside and modern architecture together.

40720 Jyväskylä: A middle-aged couple living in a flat next to the center of Jyväskylä. Husband works with computers and studies information technology, wife does doctoral studies. Hobbies: good food, walks on nature trails, handicraft (she), board games (he).

40800 Vaajakoski: A family of a middle-aged couple of a university lecturer and a senior consultant and a young man in high school. We live in Jyväskylä in a traditional type of detached house built after the Second Word War, about 9 km from the center of the city. Nature is very near, straight from our backyard. We have sauna in our house and a summer cottage in Varkaus (120 km east of Jyväskylä). We speak English, a little Swedish and our young man also speaks German.  We enjoy track & field sport, especially middle and long distance running and different outdoor activities (also fishing), playing guitar, pop & rock music, films, and literature. 

50100 Mikkeli: A family of seven members living in Mikkeli, a nice town in Lake Finland. Hobbies: outdoor life, sports, history knowledge.

81810 Jamali (Lieksa) 14 kilometres from Lieksa centrum:  A nature interested middle-aged married couple living in a wooden house by the lake Pielinen. Hobbies: swimming around the year, even ice-hole swimming, baking, making food, outdoor life, forest exploring and berry picking.