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Meet theFinns in Finland

Cosy Finland's hosts in Helsinki


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00100 Helsinki (Downtown): A social, middle-aged grandmother, lives part time in her city flat (dog visits occasionally) and part time  in countryside 40 km from Helsinki. Speaks English, Swedish and some French. She:  reads books, bakes and cooks, designs objects and makes projects, plants trees and roses, hikes occasionally and plays tennis, enjoys flee markets and even useless things..." 

00100 Helsinki (Downtown): A middle-aged couple living in a flat. Both are working in IT branch (teacher and manager). Interested in ice-hockey, ice dance. Summertime hobby cottage life  by a lake.

00160 Helsinki (Katajanokka): A single lady living in a flat in central Helsinki. Adult son, two grandchildren. She is active member in a folklore association as well as in an organization, which promotes the quality and standard of life in Finnish homes.

00170 Helsinki (Kruunuhaka): A 50+ couple, living partly in Helsinki center and partly in Vihti . Wife loves cooking and baking, having a firm offering catering services. Hobbies are ice swimming, skiing, all kind of exercises. Husband is working in engineering office. His hobby is all kind of renovations.

 00250 Helsinki (Töölö): A retired air hostess and have worked as an official Helsinki guide (English, Spanish, German,Swedish and Finnish). She loves studying languages and would enjoy acting as hostess to the dinner guests.  Activities:  Fitness and walking as well as cooking for the friends.

00330 Helsinki (Munkkiniemi):  A 50+ lady , husband working abroad. Interested in social and political matters, education, ethics and religions. Family has lived 10 years in France. Fluent in French and English, conversation in German possible.  

 00330 Helsinki (Munkkiniemi):  A middle-aged (about 40) couple with a son born 2013, living in a flat close to city center (with tram/bus about 15 minutes from the center). The flat is next to the sea with great opportunities to enjoy the nature. She is working part time as a personnel manager, part time home with the little son. He has his own company and works as a consultant. We love traveling, movies, spending time at our summer cottage, nature, good food and sports (gym, running, cycling, yoga). We speak fluent English, she speaks also Spanish. We love to meet new people and learn about different cultures.

00340 Helsinki (Kuusisaari): A family of three small children and a dog living in the very beautiful area in Helsinki, near art museums and hotel Kalastajatorppa. House is totally barrier free so disabled people are also warmly welcomed!. Sauna and barbecue can also be arranged". Parents speak fluent English and family loves traveling. Mom is entrepreneur and part-time lecturer, father works in auditing". Dog can be sent away for the time of visit :)

00320 Helsinki (Haaga): Welcome! Benvenuti! Willkommen! Välkommen! A family of middle-aged mother and children born in 1997 and 1999. Live next to the park - only six kilometers from Helsinki city center. Barbecue and sauna available. Mother experienced in finance and leadership, children keen in football and gymnastics. Interested in traveling, sports, books, cottage life and baking. 

00380 Helsinki (Pitäjänmäki): A 30 + couple without kids living 20 minutes from the center. He is working in the media industry and she is in the event industry. Both enjoy travelling, different cultures and urban life. Hobbies: crossfit and golf.

00410 Helsinki (Malminkartano): A middle-aged couple and sons born 2006 and 2008 living in one family house in peaceful area about 20 minutes commuter train ride from city center.  She works in health care branch, he as a project manager.  Both speak English and are interested in travel and cooking. They are also offering a short sightseeing, if you wish. Possibility to have a sauna and also home-stay for max. two guests. 

00410 Helsinki (Malminkartano):  A lady with a son (born 2002) and three cats. Host has been living 18 years in Germany. Son´s hobby American football. Good public transportation, by local train just 15 minutes from Helsinki main railway station.

00420 Helsinki (Kannelmäki):  We´re a sporty, retired couple, who like to do different outdoor and indoor activities. We live in western part of Helsinki (about 10km from the city center) with good public transportations. Our home is often filled with lovely aromas of baking and food.  We´re also interested in traveling and cultural activities. We speak Finnish, Swedish, English and German.

00430 Helsinki (Hakuninmaa): An independent lady 50+ with cats living in a two-family-house with a little garden. Interests: opera, all fine arts, history, languages, life itself around the world.

00430 Helsinki (Hakuninmaa): A 50+ female primary school teacher from Helsinki. Living at a two-family-house with a little garden. Interested in traveling, singing and playing piano (together-singing if wanted), handigrafts and Finnish design. In the family belongs two basenji dogs, barkless ones. Dog-training and other dog-things are one part of interests. Teacher details: A primary school teacher, all the subjects expect sports and languages.

00530 Helsinki (Kallio): A middle-aged couple who speaks fluent English,  French, Spanish, German and Swedish. She also speaks fluent Polish. Two teenage daughters. They live partly in Hämeenlinna and partly in Helsinki downtown. Helsinki flat is only ten minutes walk from the railway station.  They have worked and studied in several European countries and like traveling, learning languages and meeting with people. Their other hobbies are reading and various sport and outing activities.

00530 Helsinki (Kallio): A middle-aged lady with a poodle dog living in Helsinki City.  She likes outdoor life in countryside where she has a cottage. Hobbies: literature, theater, music, art exhibitions, flea markets, cooking, swimming and cross-country skiing. Earlier she has traveled abroad a lot but nowadays the dog keeps her in Finland. Her specialty for you: Walking tour in the natural park of Nuuksio.

00550 Helsinki (Hermanni): A middle-aged lady in health care branch living in Helsinki city center. Interested in traveling and culinary cooking.

00610 Helsinki (Käpylä): Female freelance-journalist. Helsinki is her native city.  She was born in the same year as Madonna (1958). Lives in Käpylä, a beautiful living area only a tram ride away from the city center. Her apartment building was built for the 1940 Olympic Games, which were never held. Lives alone, her adult son lives on his own in Helsinki.  A Master's Degree in English, and lived in the States in the 1990s. She enjoys meeting new people, discussing culture, going to sauna and taking long walks. 

00640 Helsinki (Oulunkylä)): A middle-aged bilingual (Swedish/Finnish) couple. Occupations: English Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences and Project Manager. Barbeque possibility in summertime. 

00640 Helsinki (Oulunkylä): A retired couple. We love hiking and wildlife; having retired we walked the Camino de Santiago, a 800 km pilgrimage from the Pyrenees in France to Santiago de Compostela near the Atlantic in northern Spain. Sauna and ice-hole swimming enthusiasts in winter, would you like to try? We live in Helsinki, Oulunkylä, only nine 9 minutes from downtown by commuter  train.   Wir sprechen auch Deutsch. Vi pratar svenska. Hablamos español. Parliamo un poco  d’italiano. On parle un peu de français. 

 00700 Helsinki (Sepänmäki): We are a middle-aged couple living in a detached house in Northern Helsinki, 25 minutes by bus from the central railway station. We have a big, tiger-like cat called Pura who makes the most of both outdoor and indoor life. We are parents of two sons (born 1989 and 1992) who study at university and live on their own at least during term time. We both work in professions related to food and nutrition. He enjoys barbecuing and sailing in summertime, preferably in good company. She loves reading and classical music whatever the season. We both speak fluent English and he also excellent German.

00730 Helsinki (Tapanila): A middle aged lady living in a  condominium. Interested in good food and cooking, meeting new people, long conversations, ecology, being outdoors and life itself.  Home easy to reach by a local I-train  from Helsinki railway station, only about 16 minutes’ ride.

 00780 Helsinki (Tapaninvainio): We are a couple around fifties living in a one family house with big garden.Three adult children visiting time to time. Our interests are outdoors, gardening and culture including art and craft. We usually cook fish and vegetarian food. We don't have any pets. Possibility to sauna and swimming in a cold pool.

00800 Helsinki (Herttoniemi): Retired couple with two adult children and one grandchild, interested in cultures, traveling and short walks. We live in a eastern suburb of Helsinki, close to nature protection area and like to invite new people to share the dinner table as we have been able to visit homes in all continents while working with international NGOs. Specialty: combine your dinner visit with MARIMEKKO outlet which is in walking distance from their home. Our cooking is basically lactose free and vegetables come from own garden or local market. Vegan and gluten free options available.

00810 Helsinki (Herttoniemenranta): A 30+ easy-going couple with a young kid. Living in a modern flat in the east Helsinki. Peaceful seaside neighborhood, few stops from the city. Interested in travelling, sports, music, fashion and cooking. She works for energy company and he is a tech writer. 

00840 Helsinki (Laajasalo): A graphic designer woman with daughter (born 1993) and two cats living in Laajasalo, Helsinki. She is working in TV-branch. Interested in all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, cooking, art and literature.

00930 Helsinki (Itäkeskus): Couple in their fifties interested in arts, culture, design, crafts, food and travelling. In their flat next to the Itäkeskus metro station (20 min metro ride from the center of Helsinki) they are happy to meet people and enjoy a meal with them at their cosy kitchen. She works in logistics and he is a consult. Both speak fluent English.