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Meet theFinns in Finland

Cosy Finland's hosts in Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti

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02130 Espoo (Pohjois-Tapiola): 11 km from Helsinki downtown, good public transport. One-family-house with big sunny terrace, barbecue possibility, in the detached house area. Close to nature conservation area, outdoor sports facilities and a bird watching nearby on the bay. Cycling. Sauna booking in advance. Dinner seats for 8 people inside (+8 outdoors in summer time). Mom 1974, IT & Software distribution business. Wines, food, gym, farmer background. English, Swedish and some French. Dad 1971, IT expert. Golf, ice hockey, several sports. English. Son 2003, ice hockey, language immersion school in Swedish. Daughter 2005, tennis, language immersion school in Swedish. 

02180 Espoo (Mankkaa): A 40+-couple with two children (boy 2008, girl 2004) living in a one-family-house with garden in southern Espoo. Interested in traveling, sports, cooking, gardening, Finnish design. Barbeque-party possible in summertime. She is a high school teacher, he is a journalist. Speaks "Scandinavian"( = Swedish, Norwegian and Danish), Finnish and English. 

 02200 Espoo (Suurpelto): A 30+ mother and a daughter born 2011. She works in electrical engineering/research, the daughter goes to a play-school. Both have dancing as hobbies and like to listen to music.  By metro +bus about 40 minutes from city centre.  Sauna in the spacious apartment.

02230 Espoo (Nuottalahti): 15 km westward from Helsinki. Can pick you up from a hotel in Helsinki if desired. Non-smoking retired couple, IT-manager and civil servant who live in a semidetached house with garden, near the shore. Like culture, gardening and traveling. Sauna is also possible.

02550 Kirkkonummi (Evitskog, 40 km from Helsinki): A social middle-aged woman interested in literature, art, architecture, gardening, cooking and tennis, speaks English, Swedish and some French. Lives with two friendly cats in the country surrounded by fields, forest and lakes, big garden, and greenhouse, home grown vegetables and berries. Walking in the forest, picking wild berries and hunting mushrooms is possible as well as rowing on the lake/ walking on the lake ice, day or moon light swimming in the lake, sitting by the fire and sauna in request. Sometimes dears, rabbits and cranes has been seen... Suitable also for a bigger group and a whole day visit. A few persons can even stay overnight. Transportation by bus & taxi/ taxi. 

 02600 Espoo (Leppävaara): A single lady living in a modern home. Interested in design, traveling and concerts. Good connections by commuter trains, about 10-15 minutes from Helsinki main railway station. 

 02600 Espoo (Leppävaara): A couple in early forties, three kids (2006, 2012, 2015). Living in a semi-detached house with a big garden. She in health-care, he in IT (entrepreneur). Interested in travelling, cooking, reading, sauna. Possibility for barbeque in spring-summer-autumn.

 02780 Espoo (Kauklahti):  A middle-aged lady living in Espoo, Kauklahti, an interesting suburb that was a Housing Fair Area in year 2006. She is interested in art and architecture. She likes to bake. She has a nice black cat called Eppu. Her home is easy to reach by train, about 25 minutes ride from Helsinki Railway station. If you like she will meet you at the Kauklahti station. You can also take a bus 165 from Kamppi/Helsinki bus station, it has a nice route.

03100 Nummela (Vihti by bus from Helsinki): A 40+ year old single mother and a daughter (born -97) in Nummela. Mother is a teacher of Finnish and Finnish literature. This is for you if you like to visit a small town home not far from Helsinki and which is easy to reach by bus from Helsinki.

03150 Vihti (Huhmari) : A 50+ couple, living partly in Helsinki and partly in Vihti (50 minutes drive from Helsinki). In Vihti very good opportunities stay over nights as well (also small groups). Summertime nice garden, sauna, a small lake nearby. Wife loves cooking and baking, having a firm offering catering services. Hobbies are ice swimming, skiing, all kind of exercises. Husband is working in engineering office. His hobby is all kind of renovations.