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Become a Traveler

Cosy Finland helps you to be a traveler not just a tourist.  Using our connections You have a lot of local experiences to describe to your friends and colleagues when returning from your trip to Finland.

Meet theFinns in Finland

 Cosy Day

Starting times 10.00, 14.00 (holidays and weekends)  and 18.00 every day or adapted according to your timetable.

This is a soft adventure for you to be a real traveler not just a tourist.

Four hours with a local for your use only.  Your local host will show you around in his/her neighborhoods. Your host is a private person and introduces you her/his favorite places. During the tour you will have a chance to learn details of Finnish lifestyle and pop in to a Finnish Home.

Your Cosy Day adventure begins when you start your way from your hotel to the host´s home. You have got an invitation to Finnish home including how to reach host´s home by public transport (or by a taxi, if you prefer).  If you are using public transport your host will wait for you at the train/metro/tram station or bus stop nearest to his/her home according the desired starting time.  

You both will probably be equally excited to meet and greet. 

Then you will continue to the host´s home by walking and have a cup of coffee/tea. Of course you will see how one of Finnish homes looks like. During the four hour program you will explore the surroundings by walking with your host in the neighborhood. 

What you are experiencing depends on the weather, of course. 

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Home Stays  - a day time visit on Saturdays and Sundays at 12-21

(limited availability on weekdays)

 Would you like to spend more time in a Finnish home than just a couple of hours? We have several possibilities to offer. You can choose a daytime visit 12-21 o’clock or even an overnight stay. Let us know your wishes and we will send you a quotation.            

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